about aornopawan

AOr Nopawan Sirivejkul

Nopawan is a Thai Performance artist born and base in Bnagkok.

She has worked as a project manager of ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival since 2008. She is also an independent curator on performance art.

Her practice on various mediums ranging from photography through performance often contains mix stories of both beauty and horrow in life and criticizes humanity’s violence and alienating impulses.

Nopawan is considered one of the most dedicated and active Thai performance artists; she has conceptualized and organized her own performance art event in Bangkok with Mongkol Plienbangchang called ‘Blurborders’ since 2007.She received grant from the Ministry of Culture and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre[BACC],Thailand to participate in various performance festival across Asia and Europe including Poland[2007],Israel [2013] among others. She was selected in 2016 by BACC and Le Lieu Art Centre to participate in an exchange programme,

“Encounter with Strangers” between Bangkok and Quebec City.

Also she was invited to join the international art festival various countries [2003 – present] such as Germany Poland Canada Israel China Japan Korea Taiwan Australia and all the South East Asia.

Project Manager ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival 2010– now

Project Director blur borders  art exchange 2007 – 2010

Manager of cultural program AIDS International conference Bangkok 2004

Project Manager Art Samai at Concrete House 2003 – 2004

Manager of ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival 2000 – 2008



2017     Artist Talk at Silpakorn University

2016     ‘Curating Performance’: Asiatopia Performance Conference S.E.Asia 2016

2015     2 Days Workshop at Chiang mai University

Artist Talk at Silpakorn University

2 Days Workshop – me myself — at Undisclose territory#9 Solo Indonesia

Art Talk At Bangkok art and Culture Centre , Bangkok

2014     Artist Talk at Meta 2014Live Art Chongqing, China

Artist Talk at Silpakorn University

2013     2 Days Workshop at RadchaMongkolNakornRadchasrima

2012     Artist Talk at UndiscloseTerritory , Solo Indonesia

2009     Artist Talk at Beyond pressure , Myanmar

2 Days Workshop at ThabSiriStudio ,Chaingmai

2008     1 Day Workshop at SakuGallery ,Saku city Japan

Artist Talk at Women Empowerment , Osaka Japan

2003     1 year Project – Borderless Art Project 2003 – 2004

Maesai ,Chiangrai , Thailand


2014 – 2015      Thai Performance Artists 30 Years Chumpon Apisuk

2003                  comfort women in borderlines  supported by empower foundataion

1999                  Research minority group in Thailand “Kuycommunity : cultural ecology                               studies of Kuy people at surin “ supported by Office of the National Culture                          Commission

My CV.

 Selected Performance Art


2017               April: Performance O Morir,Chihuahua,Mexico IN SITU, Performance Festival, Guanajuato,Mexico

May: Wanderer 3,Budoya Kanda,Tokyo,Japan

Days of Performance Art in Lviv,Ukraine

                        September:     Performance art, Galeria Labirynt,Lublin,Poland

                                                The Art Lab I Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl and PAErsche                                                 Colonge,Germany

2016                March : residency program Quebec/Bangkok Exchange  at Le Lieu Art                                                   centre,Quebec City in  Canada This’s the Art exchange between                                                 Quebec art center and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre they have 2                                         Performance Artists to take part 4 Installation and 2 Photographer

April : Participate Guyu Action Performance Art Festival Shen Zhen, China                                        organize by Chinese Artist Wang Chu Yu

May :  Participate the Art event : Return to the Island of South: Beyond the                                         Boundary Asia/Europe Performance art Festival in Tainan –                                                      Kaohsiung, Taiwan organize by Watan Wuma they have supported by                                    Art council in Taiwan

October :  Organize the ASIATOPIA Performance Art Conference in southeast                                          Asia At Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

November : ‘Mourning Moments’ 3 Woman Performance Art at Low Fat                                                        Festival in Bangkok

December : Project exchange ‘Its personal: Thai – Norway ‘at 3 area in                                                        Thailand site specific at Chiang Khong   and Chiang Mai  Northern                                         of Thailand and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Bangkok Thailand

December : Burnt of Snow: Performance Art Season,Genhe ,Inner Mongolia

2015                I participate the Performance Art festival in Xian’ China on April  and in                               Solo Indonesia on November and December I take part to FOI#9 in                                         Singapore

February : Exhibition ‘YARN’ Performance Art and Installation at Dialogue                                               Gallery Bangkok Thailand

April :       Guyu Action Art Festival #9; Xi’an China

October :   1 Hour Performance at Asiatopia International Performance Art                                              Festival At Bangkok art and Culture Centre ,Bangkok Thailand

November :    Undisclose Territory#9/2015 ;Solo Indonesia

December :  FOI_10 Future of Imagination Performance Art Festival Singapore

2014                I participate the Meta Live Art Chongqing in Chongqing China after finished                          the ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festval in Bangkok Thailand

2013                First time I participate the Performance Art Festival in Israel

December : The Zaz Festival Performance Art Platform Tel Aviv and Haifa;                           Israel

2012                This is the 5 times to go to take part the performance art event in Japan

And the first time to had invited to Canada

July : Art_Plus –JP Performance Art Project 2012 at Vio-Park Gekijo

[Kariyahara ,Matsumoto-City] and Matsushiro Bunbu Gakko ;Matsushiro                              Nagano City,Japan

September : 2nd Up-On International Live Art Festival ,Chengdu , Sichuan                                                     China

October : 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art ,Toronto Canada

November : Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival ,Bangkok                                                        Thailand

2011                PALA Project,Indonesia Undisclosed Territory #5 ,Solo; Indonesia

One day Performance , Lost Gen Art Space, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thai – Japan   2 days of Performance Art ;Kohkashita Art Project ,Kobe                                   Biennale  2011 , Japan

F.O.I. The future of imagination  ; International performance art event                                   Singapore

ASIATOPIA International art festival 13 ,Chaingmai and Korat

2010                BIPAF 2010 international performance art festival ;korea


Photo & Performance ‘TOUCH’ substation gallery ,Singapore

“Issue of the heart “ Photo& action poetry ,BKKarthouse; Bangkok art &                                culture centre ,Bangkok

ASIATOPIA /12 International art performance festival; Chaingmai

2009                Beyond Pressure performance art event ,Yangon ,Myanmar

15 mins. Performance, CMU. Chaingmaiuniversity

ASIATOPIA International art performance festival; the Bangkok Art and                                 Culture Centre Bangkok ;Thailand

BUNGA The 6th TUPADA International visual performance festival ; manila                          & Baler; Philippines

2008                The 4# Perfurbance “Global Warming Global Warning”                                                                Krinjingvillage,Mt.Merapi,Yogyakarta;Indonesia

Art_Plus-jp Performance Art project 2008,Matsushiro,Nagano,Japan

Women’s talk ;Osaka,Japan

ZOOM! Sudostasien the IPAH 2008 Festival of performance Art,

Hildesheim – Berlin ,Germany

ASIATOPIA International Art Performance festival,Bangkok

Blur Borders thai-japan exchange ,Bangkok

2007                Interakcje2007 ;The International Festival of Action Art ,Piotrkow                                           Trybunalski andBielskoBiala , Poland

‘40 Years Video Art’ ;Goethe Institut Bangkok Thailand

Thai/Japan exchange ‘Meeting_plus_Thai/hito_ha;Pai,MiniMoves Project

Mae hongson,Thailand

8th OPEN International Performance Art Festival,Beijing ;China

ASIATOPIA International art performance festival ;Chaingmai ;Thailand

2006                Performance art Project; by Art_Plus Project, Nagano; Japan

Photo and Performance ;Blow up ,TADU Contemporary art ;BKK ASIATOPIA                         International Performance Festival,Chaingmai

2005                Photo and Performance ; Womb War Wheel , TADU Contemporary

Art ,Bangkok.

ASIA TOPIA International Performance Festival ,Bangkok

2004                “TAPAM” ,International performance art festival Taitung,Tainan,

Khaosung,Taipai: Taiwan

2003                Action poetry at concrete house ,Nontaburi

“Lakaran 2003”the  3rdPhillippine International Performance

Art Festival, Manila, Philippine

2002                Actoin poetry at concrete house,Nontaburi

Selected exhibition

2015                The Story of Red Yarn, Installation at Dialogue Gallery Bangkok Thailand

2004                Painting ; “SIGN” ,Bangkok

Photo;  “Quadrangle”, Bangkok

2003                Photo exhibition ; “the otherness” Bangkok

2001                Photo;“ No Land No Root”Bangkok

2000                Photo and reading poem “D.N.A Do Not Art”…  Bangkok outsider  5th

Bangkok Art and Social festival

Photo ;“Women Artists creating for peace” on Women’s Day in

Unifem exhibition at UN. Head office in Thailand

Photo; “ Art for mun river”Poet,Performance, Music conference

at concrete house , Nontaburi

1999                Painting ;“Before  the dawn” Bangkok

photo; “ Through my windows” at Roungpung art community,Bangkok

1998                Never my land ; Amazing art for amazing Thailand , Bangkok

mix media; “ Plastic & Waste” at the art centre , centre of

acadamicResources,Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Triangle Project ‘s Observer at Australia

1997                painting ; “Private situation” , Bangkok

“Art to the village,Performance, At Douchai village, Prae,Thailand.


6 thoughts on “about aornopawan

      1. Hej Aor,
        Thank you for Your quick answer.
        I`m very happy to resieve Your answer. I mis You all.
        I have an gallery called “Atelier the Artist” in Hals/Denmark, where I live. I`m still painting and teaching and You can see my work on my homepage “kungkunst.dk”. You can come to Denmark on Your next World-Tour.
        I`m soon visiting Thailand and I need Your adress and telefonenumber.
        Have fun!

      2. Pi Kung
        good to hear from you too
        now i’m organised performance art festival in bangkok
        and mongkol going to Japan now he’e be there 1 month

        do you have Facebook , should we try to contact on facebook?

        my face book is Aor.Nopawan

        add me!!

        when you come to bangkok let’s me know
        may be can make a time for chat.


      3. Hello Aor,
        I´m writing to You, because KUNG is no good to PC´s. I´m her best friend, I think, maybe because I wash her clothes. I have known her good for the last 2½ years, where we have an galleri together in our town – HALS. She is still a bit crazy!
        You and Kung can chat on my computer in the evening (lokal time DK), when it´s morning in Thailand.
        My Facebookadress is http://facebook.com/bjhoj or bjhoj@facebook.com.
        My own homepage are – Vindharpen.dk – where You can see fotos from our place and other things. It´s still new.

        Best Regards from KUNG and BJARNE

      4. Hello there
        you can add me on facebook if you want to contact

        i just finished to organise and do performance art in thailand 3 place ‘asiatopia’

        all the best
        aor nopawan

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