Affection Affliction

PicMonkey Collage

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Title : Affection Affliction

November 2009

Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival 11#

BACC /Bangkok  Art & Culture centre

Bangkok ,Thailand


ฺBroken – down

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Title : Broken-down

Asiatopia 10 International performance art festival

at Bangkok Art & culture centre

November 2008

during the period Thailand had  a riot and  politic  protest

we have a side that we believe and beloved and we can fight for

so… they become an enemy with each other

for me i’m really suffer about this situation.


Where Are you? in Japan

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Title ; Where are you?

Art_Plus-JP Performance Art Project 2008

Matsushiro ,Nagano,Japan

July 2008

second time i did ‘where are you?’

i try to come closer with the audience again with ball on my face

if someone look at the ball they will see my eye coz. i wrap the ball with tape and blank a little hold for see each other

but in matsushiro ,nagano , japan  no one  want to see me through the ball

they don’t look at the ball and try to make a distance very softly.

and  yes my poem  also translate to native language.

Where are you? Bandung

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Title ; Where Are You?

i started to do  ‘ where are you?’ at Bandung ,Indonesia

when i’m thinking about ‘times & place’ where we are living.

and i wrote the poem and ask to translate to native language.

in Bandung audience help to tell the way to go when i go through them with the ball on my face and when a man read my poem again and again  some audience ask me to back to my country because in Bandung no war anymore then i just standing on the stage 10 mins. and finished.


‘ Where are you”

On the Earth…

Where we are?

Who we are?

What’re we do?

We find a way to get peace

but still we have war!!

where are you?

What’re we do?

The World will disappear

But still we have war!!

What we looking for?

Where we are???.

April , 2008 Bandung ,indonesia