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“Touch” This installment of R.I.T.E.S. coincides with the exhibition “Touch” held in the Substation gallery, organized with the help of Jeremy Hiah together with Nopawan Sirivejku and Monkol Plienbanchang both active organizer artists base in Bangkok. Nopawan Sirivejku, or more popularly known Aor, blew into a child’s whistle before going on with various actions. Her piece was also entitled “Touch” and could be seen in relation to the exhibition that called our attention to the often neglected and taken for granted need of sensory gratification in human nature. Although attitudes are changing, within various Asian traditions touching each other especially between the different genders is not commonly seen in public. Coming from her background of an active organizer artist with concerns for social work her actions also led beyond the interpersonal act of physical touching to sharing life experiences seeking community. After blowing the whistle, she worked on a ball of red thread, unwinding and spreading it as she walked through the audience, tying or entangling some of them up in the process. The red thread appears as a vehicle for the artist to touch and relate to our separate independent individual bodies of senses attempting to unify everyone. The red thread touched the audience as she walks through them.


R.I.T.E.S #7

Date: Saturday, 14th August 2010
Time: 7.30pm till late
Venue: The Substation Theatre
45 Armenian Street  Singapore 179936
Ph: +65 6337 7535
Fax: +65 6337 2729

The presenting artists:
1. Chua Chin Chin [SG]
2. Ezzam Rahman [SG]
3. Nopawan Sirivejkul [TH]
4. Monkol Plienbangchang [TH]
5. Jozef Cseres [Slovakia]
[Monkol Pilenbangchang and Nopawan Sirivejkul will be participating in a group exhibition titled