Thai- Japan performance art exchange ; kobe biennale,kobe , Japan

Thai- Japan performance art exchange ; kobe biennale,kobe  , Japan

October 2011 Japan

Water tales II

ノパワン スィリウェチャグン Nopawan Sirivejkul

タイの文化と芸術をリードする1人、。1997年より写真とパフォーマンスアートを基本とし た作品を発表。2007年、アート交流グループ‘Blur Borders’を組織し、日本、ミャンマー他アジアでの交流を進めている。「アジアトピア」の実行委員も務める。
The one who drives the art and culture in Thailand. Nopawan is working inconjunction with art performance and photography. 2000, served as project manager of the international art performance ASIATOPIA, Thailand. Until 2007, she started the group ‘Blur Borders’ the concept of an art exchange between the countries, such as Thai-Japan,, Thai – Myanmar, Thai – Singapore.
As an independent artist., She continued to work on creative art, Photo and art performance in both domestic and international such as Poland, Germany,, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Singapore etc.

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